Top Gear finds the epicenter of Southern Hospitality in Alabama

In the famous Top Gear episode in which they had to purchase cars for $1,000 and drive them from Miami to Alabama, they were given a challenge to see which team member could write in paint the most incendiary of slogans on another team member’s car to provoke a response from the locals. The collection of slogans included “I’m Bi”, “NASCAR Sucks” and “HILLARY For President”, “Man Love Rules OK”, and “Country & Western is Rubbish”. Their route passed along the Old Spanish Trail in Seminole, Alabama, where they stopped at this gas station for fuel.

This part of the episode seemed to have achieved the results they were looking for but likely never anticipated, when the owner of the gas station is seen coming out and responding fairly negatively to the group, the “boys” were called in carrying guns and throwing stones at the vehicles, chasing the group and the film crew out of the station. The fact that no one seemed to care that the entire thing was being filmed is a little amazing.

I love the fact that the station is right across from Uncle Bubba’s Grocery Store.


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July 14th, 2010