House from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off up for sale again

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Textile designer Ben Rose commissioned Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s student James Speyer to design the house in 1953, and of course was the location for Cameron Frye’s home in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off where at the end of the film the classic Ferrari California (corvette kit car) shoots out the glass pane window and into the ravine behind / under the home.

Gorgeous mansion outside Philadelphia slowly dies

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The ominous quality of the Google street view image almost sums it up, this building is dying, picked over by liquidators and auction houses for years as the owners try to recoup some of the their investment in this one hundred year old money pit. Lynnewood Hall, a once proud residence to the wealthy Widener […]

Conrad Black returns to former home in Florida

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The infamous Conrad Black, Canadian newspaper tycoon and Chief of Hollinger International, charged and subsequently imprisoned for fraud in March 2008, has today been released from Coleman Low Security Federal Prison in Coleman, Florida and returned to his former mansion on the Florida coastline after his friend Roger Hertog, chair of the New York Historical […]

Top Gear finds the epicenter of Southern Hospitality in Alabama

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In the famous Top Gear episode in which they had to purchase cars for $1,000 and drive them from Miami to Alabama, they were given a challenge to see which team member could write in paint the most incendiary of slogans on another team member’s car to provoke a response from the locals. The collection […]

Ferrari driver stops for the view

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There is little better than a drive in a convertible along a gorgeous coastline on a sunny day, and this guy is doing both, in spades. An overlook along the highway in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Faulty Towers still missed

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Sadly, The Grange, the filming location of Fawlty Towers on the Woodburn Grange Country Club just outside Reading, United Kingdom, was lost to a fire in 1991, and since demolished to make way for new housing. This road leads to the filming location just up the street. Interestingly, before the fire, The Grange once housed […]

Google slowly taking the fun out of Street Maps

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Unfortunately, all you can see of this seagull in the Google Street View mapping system is his butt, in the distance. Google, for some reason, has decided to remove yet another pair of great photos (one to the right) taken with its Google Street View car of a seagull divebombing the camera. Granted, Street View […]

California woman sues Google for being hit by car

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The team of Charles Darwin and Google is one to be respected. The team’s underlying skills set includes Natural Selection and Google’s ability to tell people what to do using hand-held maps, and together they are reducing the population at an amazing rate. The team almost claimed another victim when Lauren Rosenberg decided that she’s […]

Aaron Spelling home “The Manor” for sale at $150 million

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Candy Spelling, the widow of Aaron Spelling, has listed their home “The Manor” for sale at $150 million, making it the most expensive home for sale in America. The home is over 56,000 square feet of living space with what anyone might expect in such a home; a gift wrapping room, bowling alley, library, gym, […]

6 days during the American Revolution, April 18 – April 24, 1775

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The Old North Church in Boston is the location where, on the evening of April 18, 1775, Paul Revere tasked three men to signal the Charlestown Patriots who were watching from the other side of the Charles River as to what the movements were of the British troops. As one man stood guard, two men […]