James Holmes shoots audience opening night

James Holmes, a 24 year old doctoral student at the Univerity of Colorado School of Medicine, acted out his fantasy of being The Joker, and opens fire in a crowded Aurora, Colorado movie theater on the opening night of “Batman, The Dark Knight Rises” and killing at least 12 people.

Of the fatally shot was an aspiring journalist from Texas who was also at the very public shooting in the Eaton Centre, a large shopping mall in downtown Toronto, Ontario. She and her boyfriend had left their table moments before the gunman there opened fire on a patron sitting nearby.

James Holmes apartment can be seen here in street view at top left, parking lot side. Before the shooting, James had left the apartment ready to blow, set with booby-traps and other devices designed to harm anyone that entered, a situation made more compelling having left the music in the apartment on so loud that it would attract someone to enter.

James E Holmes, 1690 Paris St, Apt 10, Aurora, CO 80010-2918

Distance from James Holmes apartment to the Century 16 theater.

The back of the theater. James had taken a seat in the theater nearest the emergency exit doors, and shortly after midnight be opened fire, after which he ducked out to his car, grabbed extra gear and made his way back into the theater through the emergency exits covered in combat gear.


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July 21st, 2012