Google slowly taking the fun out of Street Maps

Unfortunately, all you can see of this seagull in the Google Street View mapping system is his butt, in the distance. Google, for some reason, has decided to remove yet another pair of great photos (one to the right) taken with its Google Street View car of a seagull divebombing the camera.

Granted, Street View is a tool, but it has grown into something much more than that, it is photographic documentation of the people, animals, places and things in the world on a given day, and part of the fun of using the mapping system is to see the unusual, silly and just plain comical. I’ll conceded that if something is generally offensive like nudity or murder scenes that they be removed, but a seagull with a fry in his beak chasing the camera hardly qualifies.

Recently, we went through some of the beautiful images that we’d found, especially along the coastal road in Cannes in France, only to find that Google had replaced those images too. At the time, the images contained the most beautiful sky with dark cloud formations set against a gorgeous sunset atop the endless vista of the oceanfront; a storm was approaching. Google decided in its wisdom to replace those images of a still beautiful yet sterile set of perfect weather shots.

To remove these fun images from the system deprives those of us who enjoy using the system for more than just what it was intended.


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June 30th, 2010