Conrad Black returns to former home in Florida

The infamous Conrad Black, Canadian newspaper tycoon and Chief of Hollinger International, charged and subsequently imprisoned for fraud in March 2008, has today been released from Coleman Low Security Federal Prison in Coleman, Florida and returned to his former mansion on the Florida coastline after his friend Roger Hertog, chair of the New York Historical Society posted a $2 million dollar bail to secure his release.

The conditions of his bail include that he not leave the United States, which raises the interesting problem of where to leave to if he could, considering that his primary residence is in Toronto although he gave up his Canadian passport, one of the world’s most coveted citizenships, for residency and the title of Lord Black, bestowed to him by the UK, to whom his passport has expired.

For now, I guess he gets to continue to reside in this 1930 South Ocean Blvd, Palm Beach estate surrounded on both sides by water in one of the most beautiful places to live. A home which is reportedly transfered to the stewardship of a Connecticut company called Blackfield Holdings, and to whom he must make certain payments by September to resume title ownership.


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July 22nd, 2010