We are big fans of the service that Google and others provide with the Street View Maps. There is something quite intriguing to see the people and places caught in its proliferation, a sort of “snap shot in time” of what people were doing around the world in a given day, week or month, as per location.

Many people now come to use not only Google’s service, but a number of other services who have also embarked on this quest, using the Street View Maps for all kinds of reasons including planning trips, looking for new places to live, or just plain escapism.

What is special about StreetViewing.com?

All the images on this site have been sourced by us or submitted to us by other fans from around the world. All the content on this site is unique to this site so you’ll find Google Street View maps and stories here that you won’t find anywhere else (unless otherwise noted – hey, some things are just too interesting to not mention), which is what give StreetViewing.com it’s unqiue appeal. It is our goal to tell the story of the world in the (relatively) very short time in the life of the world in which these images were taken. We also enjoy using Google Street View as a sort of “global image bank”, and provide stories and fun information to go along with them.

Are you in any Street View Map images?

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who have found themselves in the images. We’d like to hear your story; if you saw the camera car, your feelings at the time, and what you were doing, or maybe what you wouldn’t have done had you known, or if it even matters to you at all. Please submit the link to the image and your information to us at maps@streetviewing.com.